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girl crushing can on head


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hello everybody!


I hope you can help me with this, this is for video and I would like to do this in a single shot and with the most detail possible


I need to do a scene where there's a girl drinking the last bits from a beer can, then she crushes the empty can on her head


any suggestions on how to modify a beer can to not hurt her?

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The shape of a can is incredibly strong (try standing on one) until you break the surface even slightly. All you need do is indent the side of the can and it should become far easier to squash.




If you really want to play it safe, the thin aluminium looks to fold and break in the same way as cardboard would. Find yourself a posh printer and some gloss cardboard and make yourself a can. Cut the top and bottom from a real can and use them as ends, but with a cardboard body. For added effect, glue tin foil to the inside edge in case any is seen as it folds and breaks.

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I have some "GI Jane" type friends who would do this willingly as a "normal" thing and some "Barbie" friends who wouldn't even think of doing this. Your "talent" must be robust enough that the possible risk of incident wouldn't hurt them or cause them to sue you first.


Start with a magnet and find some alu cans thay may say alu and the magnet will fall off. then do some tests yourself with cans pressing the sides, twisting them etc while crushing them. Then ask the tallent to try.


If the cans form sharp edges creases etc then there could be blood, and a re think.

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