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ABTT 2008

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The ABTT Show 2008  

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well if you are judging by "availability of upmarket alcohol" criteria

I am deeply offended by the shocking allegation that this would be my only criteria. With Sparks, for instance, I was referring to their ice cream....





.....though it was Baileys ice cream


OK let's stretch a point and call it the " 'orspitallitee factor ". (even though alcohol-related items do seem to feature....)


On a serious note - interesting stands and products - Rope and Rigging ltd had a tiny cubby hole in which was displayed - black ratchet straps with black ratchets (see other blue room thread relating to this) and I rather liked the Steeldeck curved retractable seating, and in the other hall the Jezet version, which was lovely, but looked as though it came at a "lovely" price. I thought the Steeldeck version looked as though it might be more within the reach of the average Arts Centre, though I didn't talk to Giles to explore this....


Also had a nice chat with John Taylor on the D&B stand, and a nice chap whose name I didn't get on the Martin Audio stand talking about new speakers.


John Taylor set a little puzzle - "which came first - the 33 or the 45?" (for the younger members, this refers to grooved (and Groovey) vinyl platters previously used for storage of audio data in an analogue (non-binary) form).


I know the answer now.

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Just landed back home... t'was a good show this year - good to meet some of the guys from here too! I was certainly kept on my toes by the crowds all asking questions regarding our range etc etc etc. From the response we had this year I can see us being there next year with a bigger stand :** laughs out loud **:
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Guest lightnix

We at Schnick-Schnack had a very nice time, too - thanks to all who dropped by to say hello and nibble at our Gummi Bears :** laughs out loud **:


I'm sure we'll be back next year, hopefully with a larger stand and - who knows - maybe some Ritter Sport, too ;)



e2a: thanks to Chris and CPC for the beer at the end of the show - it went down a treat :P

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Again this year, I wasn't really struck by anything.


Moving head LEDs? Yawn. :down:


And I couldn't find the one thing I wanted to buy. A no frills, 1U mixer. 2 (pref 4) mic inputs with phantom, 1 (pref 2) stereo line inputs, stereo and mono balanced outputs.


I have to agree the show was good if you wanted to look at moving head and LED. I just wish companies woould bring other equipment I would have loved to look at more Conventional lanterns. Specaillly as that what I plan to buy on the budget. Also There was just not enough sound equipment including desks. :down:

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