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Projector needed


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Hi BR, I am a soundie and have no clue as to video projectors!

This is my first post outside of sound, so here goes.


The landlord of my local working mens club has asked me if I can sort out the old projector he has, mounted to the ceiling.

I forget the name, but it is an old heavy thing with three colour lenses projecting onto a 6x9' screen, which drops down when the unit is turned on.


The problem (sorry for ranting) is that it can't be tuned, there is white noise throughout all of the frequencies although I have plugged in a dvd player (to test) through the scart.

The remote that has a big part to play as regards tuning, is missing, so I have said scrap it, lets get a new one and start again.

The club wants to screen live sport, horse racing that kind of thing, any suggestions as to a new projector?


The feed will be from a sky box, I have had a look online and really have no idea as to what they need!


Please help!


Thanks in advance.


John Denim.

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Why not get an external tuner & feed that into the SCART or other appropriate input. Even if the tuner worked, I suspect it will be analogue.


You could use a VCR, recording DVD or HDR, of even just a set top box.

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Thanks Mark, but how would I know it would work?


Would you say that it would be direct, without the need for tuning in anyway?

I really don't have much of a clue as regards this but I want to help.

(there may be a few free beers in it!)


John Denim.

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I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that the projector has an in built TV tuner from what you're describing, has it got any other inputs? As pointed out the tuner will almost definitely be analogue, especially if you're getting noise. The fact that from what you describe it looks like a CRT projector also points to the fact it's probably fairly old - but you may still be able to get more life out of it yet.


I guess it's taking a coax input for the TV signal, but are there any other inputs? If it's got a scart input, RCA, S-video, anything like that, it'll be direct and won't need tuning. It only needs tuning on the coax input (I presume) to pick up the different analogue TV frequencies. What output does the sky box have?


If there looks like a way to connect one to the other relatively easily it's probably worth a try. If not, projectors are cheap these days compared to what they used to be. Rather than looking at the specs on paper, I'd go to somewhere where you can see them in action and then pick based on picture quality, brightness, clarity and suchlike.

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I will get hold of the manual tomorrow, which will tell me what connectors are on it, thanks Berry.


No Mark, the DVD player I put through the scart did not do anything, the screen was still noise.

I'd thought that it would have linked straight in but hey, this is quite an old projector and yes, it is a CRT.

Also as I have said there is no remote, which I would think has a large part to play as regards tuning.


Any thought on replacement?

I have taken in the comment of viewing some new models, but to be honest I don't know where to start.

A budget of around £500 is all that is available, would it be possible to buy a new projector for this kind of money?

Thanks so far guys.


John Denim.


A concurrent post has been automatically merged from this point on.


Sorry forgot to add, if anyone can tell me how, I will scan the manual and upload some images on here.


Moderation: Using the scanner is somewhat beyond our remit :P, but to upload pictures see here.

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the DVD player I put through the scart did not do anything, the screen was still noise.


My guess is the projector didn't sense that the scart input was displaying anything and didn't switch over inputs. If there's absolutely no way to switch over inputs without the remote, or it did switch and still displayed loads of noise, it might've had it...#


Perhaps a silly question, but when did the problem first occur? Had he (landlord) been tinkering around with it and changed something he shouldn't have done and can't work out how to get it back, or was it just being used as usual and then gave up completely?

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No Mark, the DVD player I put through the scart did not do anything


A budget of around £500 is all that is available, would it be possible to buy a new projector for this kind of money?


OK, I had assumed from your first post that it did. If you can get a SCART to work, then a 20 quid freeview box & a lead would get you going.


You can get projectors for close to £500 these days but they will not be very at all bright by the time you go up to 6' x 9'.

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Some scart inputs require a +ve voltage on pin 8 to enable that input. Older VHS machines would put +12v on pin 8 to force the TV to change from internal tuner to displaying the VCR signal. Some modern devices use pin 8 to select aspect ratio display.



Do some cable tracing at the club! where did the signal come from? Was it composite down coax or aerial down coax, or scart down multicore.


The big older three tube projectors may well be so full of tobacco/disco smoke residue that a manufacturers service may be needed to get all the circuit boards back to full function.

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I work for a national bar & resturant chain who have over 200+ units throughout the UK which all heavily rely on Video playback.

There prefered make of projectors are SANYO (the PLC range) & MITSUBISHI (xd - range)


Our projectors are turned on for about 18 hrs a day , 365 days a year.


These units are both very reliable (if serviced properly) and relatively cheap to run with bulbs alike ,



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Sure sounds like a CRT projector to me.


The Usual "PUB" installs mainly used "SELECO" brand of projectors


the very early one SVT150, SVT190, SVT195 are usually beyond repair these days.


HOWEVER the later Seleco SVP 310,320,350,400,450,500 & 800 are still used today.


The SVP350 was the usual PUB installation as it had inbuilt tuner and amplifier for speakers.


CRT projectors are still used today as the tube life is 10-30,000 hours !!! (A new digital Pj might be 1-3,000 hours)


Tell us which unit it is ???


I have a box of spares for the SVP range.


IF you are getting "snow" on the screen and its black/white this does indicate that the tubes are all working - thats a very good sign. (SVT or SVP range)



I cant be much more help until I know the model number.



There are a few other brands that got installed - I will try and help with those if I can.



PS - My Home cinema still uses a CRT projector :rolleyes: (Barco Cine9 in case anyone knows it !!!)



Hope thats of help.


Andy H.

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