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avolites pearl


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hi guys - I just got hold of a pearl 2000 tour (for a very good price), the desk is almost mint <_<) was just wondering if anyone could give me any tips/hints or links on upgrading the software to the 2004 version


any help/advice would be much appreciated


cheers luke

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Do you know the age of the desk.


Ideally you'd want it to have a borris 3 mother board in it in order to upgrade it to 2004.


If you open it up it should be printed on the board, and your other option is to phone avo and give them the serial number and see what they can tell you.


My advice would be to get it to avo for a service anyway if you dont know alot about it (especially if it was a "good price").


If it has the right motherboard the process of upgrade is simple enough, if not it can be a few quid.



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Boris 2's based Pearls can also be upgraded - I'll be using one tonight.


You do need the extended memory update though - at the bottom of the LCD it'll have a line like "76% xFree" - if it has the "x" then the memory upgrade is fitted and you should be able to upgrade to the 2004 software.

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It is definitely not necessary to update to Boris 3 & there would be no advantage in doing so. Service is not necessary either unless you experience problems and even then most can be done yourself.


Once you have confirmed extended memory you will need to put the software disk in the drive, enter AVOS (service/AVOS/68340), Run AVOS Extender to update the operating system (check this is detailed in the installation notes) then 'burn a new program'.


The only important thing is to ensure you have the power lead well and truly connected. Loss of power while writing to the EEPROM will likely result in needing new chips.


After updating select 'restart software' and then I recommend a board reset before you start using.

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