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DMX Tester


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Hi guys,


I know this has been overed but not for what I want.


I am looking for a DMX tester however I only need a very simple one with an LED telling me signal is coming through? Short of building one myself I havent found anything useful.


Any ideas


Thanks oli

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Sorry, I didn't read properly what you'd written. I've heard that the simple ones appear on eBay sometimes, but there don't appear to be any at the moment. To be honest, it's probably because they're simple to make that they aren't easily bought.
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Showtec do 2 versions (once shaped like an XLR adaptor) and also a t-shaped one (see links below)


DMX Tester 1


DMX tester 2


I have used both of these units & for ease & portability, get No 2, more indepth analysis & testing get No 1. Vortex Lighting have No 1 in stock now, although we can supply both.


Good hunting.




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Well, my first post on here, I was told from several places that I was being talked about again so I thought this time I would join and see for myself though normally I'm too busy to worry about it!


Andy bought one of my testers just the other week, thanks mate,pleasure as allways.


Just for peoples info on testers...

They are simple to make, they have been for the past decade that I have been making them for people, but the point being that many people are too busy to make them themselves and that's why I make them.

I used to get asked to make all kinds of things way back when I worked at Vari*lite and had time. Soca grenades for touring crew, DMX testers, special cables, etc - "can you have it ready for when we leave on thursday?" that kind of thing.


Price on ebay is set as the fees for advertising, final valuations fees and paypal etc cost me so the amount covers these costs.


I make loads of them for crew so I do them cheaper outside of ebay and they are a lot cheaper than the others available on the market.


They are just a guide tester to show DMX is present but they do also show most of the faults that can occur, better more expensive testers obviously show a lot more (I have a microscope 3a as well)


There are none currently on ebay as I've been messed around a lot recently with non-paying bidders (you know who you are!) but I will probably put more up in the future or else put them up in the classifieds.


All the best,


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My first post too, but just to say that jamie sorted out a DMX Tester and a few terminators for me last week for an event at the weekend. He did a great job and got them to me in time for the event with no problems at all. He is a pleasure to deal with. Like he said, being a sparky I could have done them myself but just dont have the time, especially in the run up to an event! Nothing fancy, but they do the job. Thanks Jamie, We had a DMX fault during the headliner on Sat and the tester worked a treat, faulty cable and swopped it over. Damn glad I had one!
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