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MAC250 v showtec explorer


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we are hiring for our next show 4 movers, and for our power we are restriced to what we can have, I had narrowed it down to some MAC250s, one hire company providing a quote has quoted for Showtec Exploror Pro movers, a quick google shows the showtec has no prism (which would be a nice touch) but is there any thing else amiss? I wont give the price per head yet, but it is very similar to the MAC price. I rang them and they said the showtecs are virtually the same as the MACs ?????


we have used mac before, abut not showtec, whome I was under the impression dealt mainly in DJ gear rather than show stuff


how noisy are the showtecs compared with MACs?


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Hmm, another quick google seems to me that a showtec exporer pro retails at less than £1K, whereas a MAC 250 entour is just less than £3K hmmmmm

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1. Martin Macs, whilst not necessarily the BEST movers on the market, are certainly what could be termed near the top of the 'industry standard' list.


2. Showtec - what can I say? You get what you pay for! If you're being quoted more than £20 or so to hire a Showtec mover then you're being robbed as the quality WILL show. You should be able to source mac 250 Entours for around the £50 to £60 each mark, so not a bank-breaker by any stretch.


What do you get for a Martin mover as opposed to a DJ fixture?


Most probably smoother, more definable movement, superior optics, quieter running, better reliability, sleeker looks...


Need I go on?

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YNOT has it in a nutshell.


The Macs will be quicker, quiter and the colours much much better than the filters currently being used in factories in China etc.


In terms of the hire price, simply in terms of noise, its worth paying a few quid more for the MACS over the showtec units.

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I have 4 showtec 250, had them 2 years, for most purposes they are comparable to macs EXCEPT noise, the newer macs in studio mode are much quieter.Our hire price is about 1/3 the mac price, reflecting the lower cost.

So for a similar hire price go for the "Motorized Automated Colourchagers"

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