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Looking for a BIG desk


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Hi there,


I am currently trying to source a lighting desk that has at least 120 faders, used to control channels 1 to 1. I don't need memories or submasters, I just need lots of individual channel faders for a production I am trying to get off the ground. It is to be used to 'mix' lights to sound live and ad hoc, so ideally needs to have DMX or capability to convert from analogue. First of all does anyone know of a desk/make or model and second anyone know where I might find one of these to beg, borrow, steal or if worst comes to worst hire?!


Thanks for your help



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Google gets


Link 1


Link 2


I can honestly say I don't know where to get one from under "beg, borrow, steal or hire", I didnt find anything with a 2 min goggle but im sure the bigger places will be able to help out



I'm sure some one else will come and ask, "why 120 channels?", can you not sub up and group things together?

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I was waiting for a reply like that! Don't worry I will not be operating on my own! It is part of the show, the desk and operators are on stage so you can see us running up and down this desk mixing live...an exciting project as I am sure you can relate to what it feels like having to create a show on the fly, adrenaline or what?!
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Two things for that. As well as the liver operators there will be another desk out of the way that is used to control 'ambient' lighting so that the operators and orchestra are seen throughout, and for the actual 'design' being created by the operators there is a feedback AV monitor so that they can see via a camera what they are producing. Obviously there must be some rehearsal so that they know what works well, but it would be just like an orchestra performing, they have the music in front of them but they are playing live. Light to music, which is why it is called 'The light Orchestra' pat. pending.


ps just to point out that as mentioned above this is patent pending production wise so names and copyrights mentioned are subject to change.

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ETC Insight 3 has 108 submaster faders, arranged in three banks.

It's easy to assign one-channel per submaster.


The ETC Ion can currently be expanded up to 120 submasters using a flown set of three 40-fader wings.

(Later software versions will allow expansion up to 240 submasters, although I'm not sure of the timescale for the full capability.)


Ion's a fully-featured modern moving lights and generics console, complete with theatre stack

- So you could easily do the entire show on one of them, just put the 'background' looks onto your main playback, and then have some fun on the faders.

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