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2 pole 4 pole speakon


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really quick one, and probably a really stupid question.


I have a couple of amps with speakons, and at the moment I have a 4 pole speakon with only the 1 set of terminals used, will the 2 pole speakons work?


I have tried a search but not got an answer yet!



You can run 2core speaker cable into a 4pole connector noramally you just connect it to -1 & +1 unless its coming for a sub to a top in most cases its on -2 & +2 of the speakon

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personally I always make 4 core cable and then just have a 4-2 converter if needs be. I use alot of combiners and pin swaps. makes cable runs alot faster.

I know a little of topic but thought I throw I size 13's and and drop my 2p

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I went 2 pole for my first Speakon connectors, as that was all that was needed, but quickly regretted it and changed to 4 pole.


As others have pointed out, there isn't 100% compatibility between plugs & sockets, albeit for good reason. And the 2 pole ones are just too fiddly to insert & remove compared with the 4 pole jobbies.


A stitch in time...

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We use both types but use NL2 on 2-core cables and NL4 on the 4-core ones - just so you can quickly tell the type of cable you are using.





I think Steve has made a good point about using 2core on NL2's etc but then again us could always us coloured tape of cables to identify differnent cores!

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Hope im not teachin yer to suck eggs but


you can detach the plastic 'tripod' style

strain relief from the main body in a 2 pole

just remember to thread cable through before



if you new this im sorry


if not it makes getting the 2 tails into the

terminals a bit easier



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