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Cherry picker tickets

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Regarding MEWP "training", I found several aspects somewhat intruiging...


a) That there appears to be little in the way of training / teaching you how to actually drive the things. The course I went to took several people who'd never driven a MEWP, gave them a 10 minute practice, and then tested them round the obstacle course. Perhaps that's all that's needed for some people to confidently drive one, however, someone with a ticket from a 10 minute "driving test" and no experience will theoretically be "more qualified" than someone who had been driving one of these things for years without said ticket.


b) There's a reasonable amount of information included in the theory section. Not that it should necessarily affect driving a MEWP as such, but the trainer did explain how many of the training sessions are hampered by the fact that attendees have problems reading the material...



Perhaps other companies deliver their training in a different way, but I suspect that there may be room for improvement?



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In my experience of IPAF courses they are all structured in the same way and are very heavily standardized by IPAF. In regards to your comments about the amount of time spent actually driving the machine, if after the short time they can pass the test then obviously they pass the IPAF criteria with IPAF realising that training is only one third of making a competent person.
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