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Tecpro pinout


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I have a Tecpro BP111 beltpack, which at some point has had a custom headset connector fitted. I want to change it back to the original XLR4.


Question - what's the mapping between pins 1-4 on the XLR and the PCB solder pads, which are numbered 3,4,5,6?


From the printing and layout on the PCB, it looks like it might be 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, 4-3...

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The connections are:



. 1 -> 3

. 2 -> 4

. 3 -> 5

. 4 -> 6


The two capacitors are 47nF and are connected between the chassis and each screen (pins 1 & 3).


This is the best picture I could get.



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Thanks, John, that's ideal. The capacitors seem to be omitted on the one I've got.


What you've listed is actually what I was thinking, although completely different numbering! I had been working from a "paper" pinout of the XLR, and was reading it from the wrong side. :P


One of the pads on the PCB is offset from the arc of the other three; this seems to correspond with the offset pin on the XLR.



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