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Le Maitre 6-24 decoding


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On the Pyro Awareness course today a few people were asking about 'breakout' boxes for Le Maitre 6-24s.


LINK REMOVED - it used to point to www.abtec.demon.co.uk




As Bryson has pointed out there is a strange pop-up which comes up on this site. To avoid any problems, I've turned the page into a PDF which you can get from my webspace 6-24 breakout. I fully acknowledge the original authors copyright here, but if his site does odd things then that's his problem.

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There's a highly dubious pop-up on that site Brian... Can't say I'm convinced it is Microsoft. Did anyone say yes? How's your PC now?


EDIT: Trying to remove the level of Crypticness.... It asks if you want to run and install something called the Microsoft Pop-up controller, which claims to be from Microsoft. That just sounds highly dubious in all kinds of ways, to me. I don't trust anything that tries to install without me asking it to.

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Hmmm that's odd. The first time I visited to check the link, I didn't get the pop-up, now I do ;)


Hmm, stanger yet, I've just revisited and I don't get the pop-up, either I'm going mad or the Michelob is kicking in <_<




see my original, now edited, post.

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