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LED panels/tubing


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Hi all

I am looking for some LED panels or tubing to put around my proscenium for an upcoming show and then to leave them in place in future.

They could do with being DMX controlled and reasonably cheap. They do not need to be ableto display video just give a bit of 'eye candy' to the audience.

any ideas anyone?




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At budget of 30 quid a metre really down to LED ropelight variants, which unless well mounted is liable to look very cheesy.


Perhaps a `capital` feature at top centre of prosc and couple of side decorations in a low cost rigid tube might work, thinking of 30`s cinema architecture?


>edit duff spelling<

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if I was given £700 to spend on an effect like that, which may serve the show very well, but will only be eye-candy for everything else and so maybe only used once or twice every few months - as well as the risk of it just looking like a giant lump of edam -  id be very tempted to hire in the effect and spend the rest on something which will be used more often and in more ways, or more hire for the original show!



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