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I'm looking to replace my current accountant. Would you recommend yours? I do a mix of employed and self employed work partly ents industry partly not. I'm based in east london. Prob looking for a bookkeeper associated to a single accountant. Tolerance of our strange working day def a plus.
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Yes, very much so. :angry:


The company I use started looking after theatricals as favours but with a great reputation, and everyone wanting to use them, they now have a dedicated member of staff .


There rates are really spot on... (my tax rebate always covers the fee!)

The downside for you though, they are Edinburgh based. But, I do everything now through the post !


PM if you're interested in further details


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Guest lightnix

I'm celebrating my twentieth anniversary with my accountant this year. He doesn't claim to be an entertainments expert, but has picked up a lot of "technician" clients from all across the business over the years, through word of mouth due to good service and is pretty damn knowledgeable on the ins and outs of entertainments.


Brian T. Denholm FCA,

Braham, Noble, Denholm & Co.,

York House,

Empire Way,



HA9 0PA.


Tel. 020 8900 0482


He's a really nice, warm, friendly chap and you get to deal with a senior partner in the company, rather than a mere minion.


Bookeeping is possibly something you could do yourself, with a little training. It would certainly save you some money. I live with one, so that's me sorted ;)

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