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Rigging safety


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I was asked to do a quick H&S walkthrough at a venue that my company may be hiring for a conference. I noticed that they had a dancefloor with a square of Litec style truss rigged in the roof (about 4 metres from the floor), from which they had hung some floods, par cans, moving heads, etc. None of these fixtures had safety straps. Rather than 'fail' the venue for this I need to know where I stand.

Can anyone suggest where I can find the regs on this....I have spoken to the HSE (on the line recommended in this forum) but they did not seem to have a clue about the actual rigging and pointed me towards British Standards.

Thanks in advance. :)

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No actual 'law' as such - as far as I'm aware, unless you cite the requirement that if there is a possibility of the single fixing point failing, a secondary fixing should be used.

If you do look at the BS, then EN60598-2-17:1989 states:


"17.6.6 A secondary suspension shall be provided for the luminaire, except where the luminaire is arranged for floor mounting or intended for hand-held use. This secondary suspension shall be designed and mounted in such a way that even in the event of the failure of the primary suspension no part of the luminaire can fall. 'Compliance shall be checked by the following test:


With the end of the secondary suspension remote from the luminaire securely fixed, the luminaire is allowed to hang freely by means of the secondary suspension alone. The luminaire is raised in its hanging mode a distance of 300 mm vertically and allowed to fall freely. This test is made 30 times. The secondary suspension shall not fail and no part of the luminaire shall fall'. "


The BS isn't law, but it does represent best practice. Unless the luminaires are fixed in such a way as to possibly negate the use of secondaries, bonds should be fitted as a matter of course. If the rig does not have safety bonds on the fixtures, is the truss itself rigged safely?



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Thank you to all who replied, whether via open or personal message; I am grateful to you all. It just goes to prove the wealth of professional knowledge there is out there and the worth of the blue-room forum.

Thank you.

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