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Multi feed drill screwdrivers


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Multi feed drills these are the drills which take magazines of screws. I remember seeing them in screwfix website, but no trace of them yesterday when I looked...


Any way to the questions

If anyone has used them and if so what did you think?

Would you recommend a make and model?


I am thinking about using them to put flats together with them rather than using the air nail guns. The nails seem to be fine it's just that I have had a lot of broken parts returned recently.



Many Thanks on this great Friday.

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Hilti also make a mains version. Equally nice is the cordless one made by Senco. The mains and cordless versions occasionally appear on Ebay and sometimes go for bargain prices. You are however slightly limited on screw size given they're designed for plasterboard fixation mainly. They also make screwing flooring down a joy!
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