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Denon Replacement Buttons


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I have either Denon DN4000 or DN4500 in a venue that I work at (can't remember) and the 'play/pause' and 'cue' buttons have broken off over time... as they do. I have been told by Denon to try Charles Hyde & Sons who do the spares for them but they say that they do not do them anymore.


Does anybody know I can source these from as I need to get them fixed asap.



Help.. Im desperate.



Steve, Romford, Essex

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Charles Hyde are the sole UK distributor of Denon spares in the UK to non-appointed dealers, this occurred at the time that the former company known as Hayden Laboratories (the Denon importer) were taken over / renamed D&M Pro (UK) Ltd. This more or less coincides with an American conglomerate buying out the Denon brand from the Japanese Nippon Columbia and the various restructuring that goes on I suppose! (The M stands for Marantz bought from Philips).


I've just checked with CHS and they're in stock apparently, maybe your PC is having a bad day?!?

Part number is 7770791 which is the play-cue button assembly.


PS it's DND4000, maybe searching on the DN4000 would be fruitless?


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You're right. Im an absolute idiot! I searched for DND4500 and it come up.


May I ask though, is the play/pause and cue button the same for the 4000 and the 4500 as it only lists the 4000 and I have the 4500. I presume it is but want to be sure.

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