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Cader / Kader Clamps

Ben Lawrance

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Hi All,


I've begun planning a job for the summer that will use a clearspan marquee as the roof structure of the stage.


I've been looking into Cader / Kader clamps (which spelling is correct?) and have found that there are 2 types.




(All images belong to their respective owners)


What I'm trying to find out is who makes the first one?


I phoned Essential (where I got the first picture), and they didn't want to give me that information.


What I'm trying to do is rig parcans directly to the cader/kader, so I would need the first one. This would be my prefered method of rigging as I don't want to hang truss, and the par off the truss as it won't look as neat. I know in my head exactly what I want to do, and why I want to do it, but it's hard to put into written words.


Let's not start the whole debate of weight loading and all that jazz again, as I've all ready done that part of the homework.


Any ideas boy and girls?



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If you want to rig a Parcan direct, you could just use a Unistrut angle bracket on the second type of clamp. The angle is a heavy duty version of the Meccano angles (with two holes instead of a hole and slot) and would turn the mounting hole to the correct orientation.


This might be a bit easier that fiddling with a bolt head on the inside of clamp No. 1 , anyway.

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The first type of clamps have captive bolts usually. Very easy to use. Either add a eye bolt for a point or just bolt your instrument's yoke directly to the clamp. Also they have the advantage of fitting multiple beam sizes (for when the marquee company change their tents after 5 years of rigging for them and don't tell you...)


EDIT - Watch out for the roof linings though, usually I hang short (2m) scaff off two points so that it is just above the lining, so the yoke of the instrument pokes through the lining. Keeps things neat and tidy.

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Doughty Engineering have just started manufacturing / selling the 1st style of kader clamp you found. Try your regular lighting supplier or find a dealer on doughty's web site.


We have not yet got many into our hire stocks (though will be). We have the second style currently. These would do the job with the addition of a right angle bracket.


good luck


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