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Ok so I bought the new PSP slim that can be connected to tv. Well I got it all connected to my tv using the AV component plug-in, but my options are limited due to the fact that I can't play games on it unless its progressive scan. So I want to hook it into my computer monitor. The hook ups I have in the back of my monitor are DVI-D and VGA. The cord from my psp is an AV component cable. Is it possible to connect the two? I've seen AV component to VGA cables on the internet, but will that work? I've also seen the converters that are hundreds of dollars, but it's not worth that much to me. If I want to get the output to a bigger screen that bad, I'll just buy an HDTV. I'm just looking for a relatively cheap and easy way of doing this. I also have a spare VGA cable, so if it is possible to splice the wires together and work, that would be awesome!
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Hi, welcome to the Blue Room.

As we mainly deal with backstage, and technical theatre issues here, you may be better off finding a forum full of PSP users and seeing how they have gone about this.


It won't work to simply splice the wires together, as all you have is Red/Blue/Green (with sync on green) whereas the VGA input requires the sync to be stripped off the green, and the horizontal and vertical components of the sync to be sent down two seperate wires.




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