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Pulsar Masterpiece Screen Driver


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Just spotted this on Ebay -


Masterpiece Screen Driver


They don't come up that often - if you have a Masterpiece, using one of these makes the desk much easier to use, in fact puts the desk into a whole new league. I've used one for a while with my MP108 and wouldn't be without it - use with a scart cable and a cheap portable TV, lets you enter text descriptions for all your patches, scenes, chases and environments, these are then displayed in context, has in-built help for the desk (saves having to refer to manual) and can be backed up to memory card.


(I have no connection with the Ebay seller - (my spelling isn't that bad!) - just thought someone in the group might be interested - and this is my 100th post! :off: )

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I wouldn't say it puts the desk into a whole new league but it kind of helps to a degree.

I have one but never use it. This is because I can remember most of where everything is on my MP216. Mind you if someone was to come along...

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As has been pointed out, the original post is not too far short of two years old so no surprise the eBay sale is over.


I'll lock this one to avoid further flogging of this particular dead horse...or dead eBay sale.



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