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Evening Boys and Girls


We've been asked to put together a pay proposal at our lovely place of employment and I could really do with your help.


What I need to know is what would considered an industry/trade standard for the jobs which we do. We operate shows single handed.


Sound,Video,Lights,Pyros,Lasers and special effects all at once from one station. I guess show controller would be a more appropriate job title.


Sow what do you reckon as a standard kinda wage for all that?? and prehaps more importanly where can I get some kind of documentation to back it all up?? ;)


Thanks for your help


Dick xx

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We could do with the following info:


Is it theatre, corporate, parties, rock and roll or what?

How large? Ie: Approximate audience size.

What level of technology? Midas's and Wholehogs? Or Spirits and Tempus's?

Whereabouts in the country?

Freelance or PAYE?





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Ok Bryson answers to your questions.


It's theme park live entertainment venues with capacity of about 750. Show, are normally in for eight months at a time but we also look after corporate stuff on a weekly basis.We're using the compulite 4D for lights. Without giving too much away north midlands for the whereabouts and it's all lovely PAYE...boo hiss ;)





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