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1U mixer


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Hi all,


I'm after a 1U mixer although I wouldn't mind if it was 2U, im on a tight budget and am looking for ideas I am currently looking at the Studiomaster C3 or the Behringer Ultralink pro MX882, wondering if there is anything else out there of similar spec and similar price range.


Ideally I would prefer it to have at least 1 stereo channel, a couple of mic inputs and a 1/4" jack input as at the moment we have a cd player and musical keyboard going through a DI and then some mics plugged in all at the stage end and would prefer it all to go through an inline mixer to give local volume control and mean we only using to ports on the snake instead of 5. Also the fewer controls on the front the better as a number of different people are liekly to use it an the more controls on the front the easier people get confused, just a volume control would be good.


Any options let me know



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If you can still get it, 3G make a nice 4 mic and 2 stereo pair to stereo and mono in 1 U format. No phantom, which has caused me some headaches bodging an addition!


One level per channel, master volume, bass and treble.

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