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Alesis Zonemix 6 - 1U rack mixer


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I'm a little stuck. I've been specifying the Zonemix as a useful tool when putting in loop systems. It is a very basic 1U device:


It has very useful features - front panel mic, rear panel mic and line ins - and two separate outputs. Each input can go to one, the other or both outputs. I use them in loop system installs. Sometimes, integrated into the back stage relay system - one output to backstage, the other to the loop. This way the microphone(s) used for the relay can also feed the loop. A feed from the sound desk feeds just the loop, while another mic input can feed.... you get the idea. It also has the facility to remove the gain knobs, to prevent 'fiddling'.


My problem is it has been discontinued, and I can't find anything similar. My usual supplier has just a few left. I am fairly sure that one I unboxed last year was not branded Alesis. It had a different name and the front panel was silk screened slightly differently. I'm hoping that if the product is an OEM design, then I may still be able to source it from another manufacturer.


Requirements are quite simple. Mono or stereo, but two independent outputs. mic and line level inputs and phantom power on at least 1 mic input. It must be in a 1U rackmount style. price isn't too important.


Any suggestions would be very helpful.


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I'll second David's recommendation on the Cloud units, I would imagine that you could find one to suit your needs as they're quite flexible. Also like the remote control options on most of the Cloud units.


As well as the Allen & Heath GR2 you might want to look at the GR05 which has a lower input count but still should be enough from your decription and costs a little less the the GR2. We've used a couple on installs and they've been bullet proof (both club type installs so get some hammer). You can lock out the controls and as all the routing is set by internal links it's pretty fiddling fingers proof!


You also might want to take a look at the ARX Mixx Master.

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Well, I'm in the odd situation of being able to answer my original question myself.


The Alesis Zonemix 6 just arrived, only it isn't an Alesis - it is a Numark RM6 and exactly the same, apart from being black. Still - at least I found out - maybe in a slightly unusual way!

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