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DMX Control Question


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Hi Peeps,


I ve had a look around on some sites but can anybody point me in a good direction to buy a cheap DMX desk. It just needs to control 12 channels ( 6 for LED pars - ((Pulsar Chromas)) - and 6 generics - going to a Beta Pack.


Its a simple rig in a TV studio. I dont need to record states or program chases etc etc and dont need to worry about expansion. Its purely for these 12 little DMX channels!!!


Im not looking to spend more than £100


Any help would be a help!! hehe. FOI - ive checked on E bay , terrelec, maplins, CPC but didnt find a lot - only more expensive desks





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The Showtec are probably the cheapest for a single or two preset desk, if you want any cheaper than these then I reckon you'll have to go to a DJ quality desk which will have the channels in 'pages' of faders...awkward to use in live mode. Try http://www.thomann.de as well.



Yeah cheers kev . I was thinking of showtec. will have a look at thier site!!

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