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Hi all,


I'm currently looking to recruit a bunch of trainee crew (no experience necessary) for EUSA, the Edinburgh University Student's Association. We don't assume or require any experience at all, attitude is more important really, and we spend a lot of effort on training folk. It means we don't always have the best crew in the world, but it provides students and other young folk with a good practical way into the industry.


I've already sent an email to Scot-Nits, a local email group, does anyone have any other ideas of where I can look for ready and willing young folk?

Local student press and posters in the unions aside, of course!


QMU's theatre course might be a good place to look but I don't have a contact for them, if anyone can furnish me with one that would be great. There's plenty on their website but it's hard to know who would be best to talk to!


Obviously the Blue Room might be a help too! If you're a young person in or near edinburgh looking to get into the industry email me for more info; Brian.Hutchison@eusa.ed.ac.uk

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I might have a lad I know how may be interested in this...


he did work experience at black light (I think from memory) and got hooked..

has basic experience with a frog but really thats about it.. but most importantly is keen as hell!


I'll send him the details....

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It may be the beginning of a downwards spiral, but have you tried making a group on Facebook?



You'd be amazed at how many suitable candidates are on MySpace, you just need to add the right people to your profile, and then post some bulletins of your requirements.


If you've done your part well, they'll flock like sheep!

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