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Silence detector


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Has anyone come across a budget "silence detection unit"? It's a unit which basically has 2 inputs, one output (stereo) and some associated logic, and will normally feed input 1 to the output, but if it detects "silence" at input 1, will send input 2. Typically used to switch in a "backup" recorded track if the main input signal should fail.


There's the Sonifex RB-SD1 which does exactly this, and does it very well, but costs just under 400 pounds. Has anyone come across any other devices which have similar functionality?

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So they do...68 pounds.


It's a pity that the output is just a DPDT relay - if it were 2 such relays it'd be ideal for my purpose - as it stands it'll make either a single balanced switch or a dual unbalanced....


very interesting, thanks.

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