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Chamsys MagicQ fx playback...


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In the absence of a forum, I thought this might be a place to ask...


When you've recorded an FX to a playback, is there any way to adjust it on the fly.


E.g. I've recorded a dimmer sine fx with a spread of 100%. Is it possible once I'm playing that back to adjust the spread (0%), and be able to tap the speed of the sine for syncing with music?


I'm using the PC version



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Hold down the select key for the playback and you will see all of the parameters for the FX on that cue. I'm up at PLASA at the moment (stand K24, come say hi!) so I can't check but I think this is not in the stable software, just the beta version. If you need a login for the beta site give me an email and I'll issue you one.


We currently have three forums, our Belgian distributor, AVL's one - http://www.chamsys.be/forum

Our German forum - http://www.chamsys.de

And our unofficial UK forum on Yahoo - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/magicq/


Our official forum is currently in development!


Best regards,


Matt Lemon

ChamSys Ltd

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Thanks for the info andthe links.It was actually a case of RTFM (doh!) - the parameters are available in the cue window. I was double clicking the playback and getting the cue stack window instead.


*an afternoon passes*


Ok, thought I'd get home and test this before making myself look silly....On the PC, it's just about impossible in normal keyboard mode to hold the select button and adjust the relevant encoder. Double clicking brings up the cue stack window. Do I have to select my playback and then hit Cue every time I want to adjust a parameter or is there a shortcut?Perhaps a mod/option so that for playbacks with FX you get Cue, playbacks with cue stacks you get Cue Stack. Or an option in the settings for 'Double Click activates X window' or similar?

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