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Flown Trussing


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I'm just wondering if anyone can shed any light on flown trussing being illegal now and that all truss must be built from the ground upwards. I doubt very much that the whole motor and trussing being flown out to support perhaps another rig, or configurations such as an advance truss in theatre.


However I've heard that it's illegal to put one into a theatre, this has become known to me as a theatre I work at at were planning on having either the load points fitted /tested to allow us having temporary truss in or spending a few extra pennies and putting one in full time.


Thanks in... Advance, *bu dum*

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Sorry Gareth,


I heard it from a tech manager at a theatre who heard it from a freelance tech / hires guy they use. Or rumor has it.


To be really honest I've been in Edinburgh for a month so came back to hear that we couldn't hang a truss for a rock gig that's coming in soon. After asking, "Why?" It was a point blank, they'll illegal now we'll have to build the truss from the ground upwards.


My reasoning would be suggest an issue with the hanging points not being able to bare more weight than they'll already supporting or management like the roof as it is.


Hope this answers your question Gareth.




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Sorry tree barking there. We was planning to have points, which are in affect the beams coming from the our grid load tested and steel piping installed from the load point, flush with the auditorium roof. So we could hang motors in the usual way, the steel piping there as protection for the roof and any bits and bats it may come in contact with prior to being attached to the load point.


I think wires may have been crossed somewhere.


I do hope this clears up any confusion.

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