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Showtec LED cans - Master/slave option?

clive henry jones

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Hi Gents,

I'm a complete newcomer to this forum, so please forgive my daft questions :)


I've been DJ'ing for 32 years now, and have used lighting from R75 reflector lamps, through Solar 250's to nowadays intelligent effect lighting.


I have had DMX effects for the past 4 years or so - NJD Datamoons and those Maplin Geni Spinmaster III barrel lights.

With these units, to synchronise them, all I have had to do is master/slave them - all nicely worded & easy to follow on the instruction sheet. As you have probably guessed I do not own a DMX mixing desk.


Now to the question in the title of this thread. Can I synchronise the two Showtec LED Par 56's I have just bought from Thomann with a linking cable or is this feature not carried on these units?


Also, as the instruction sheet is a little hard to follow for a complete DMX dummy like me, is there an "idiots guide" to settting these up? What do the DIP switches do individually and collectively? I have done a search but although the LED Can topic is a relatively well represented one, I haven't found the answer to these questions yet.


Thanks in anticipation,


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As far as operation modes for these "lovely" bits o' kit goes...the below are all selectable from the row of Dip switches at the back of the unit.


1. AUTO Mix Color Mode

When dipswitch #9 and #10 are turned on, the LED Parcan is in AUTO Mix Color Mode.

- Dipswitches #1 - #7 control the changing speed.


2. Sound Control Mode

When dipswitch #10 is turned on, the parcan will automatically change its color to the beat of the music.

With the Sensitivity control you can adjust its music-sensitivity.


3. Manual Mode

When the dipswitches #8, #9 and #10 are turned on, the LED Parcan is in Manual Mode.

- Dip Switches #1 and #2 control the brightness of the Red LEDs

- Dip Switches #3 and #4 control the brightness of the Green LEDs

- Dip Switches #5 and #6 control the brightness of the Blue LEDs

Brightness grades, Example RED :

00 (Dipswitch Setting: ) = 0%

01 (Dipswitch Setting: ) = 25%

10 (Dipswitch Setting: ) = 50%

11 (Dipswitch Setting: ) = 100%


4. DMX Mode

When all dipswitches are turned off, the LED Parcan is in DMX Mode.

- Dipswitches #1 - #9 control the DMX Addresses.


As for master/slave operation, I am 99.9% sure this isnt an option. You can pick a simple DMX controller up so cheap now...just link the x amount of units with DMX cable (3pin)


Try Showtec led crap Manual]Showtec Manual For the full user manual (adobe acrobat required)

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Phil's given a good overview, however its worth noting the spec is constantly changing, so this might not be exactly what your units do. I have a hazy memory of reading that some of the cheap LED kit did master/slave, but I don't know a brand or model unfortunately, and thats somewhat irrelevant if you've already got yours.
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Amazing fast responses - thanks. ;)


Phil, thanks for taking the time to type that lot out - a lot of info there for me to digest ....I take it you are not impressed with these units? :)


Gents - any advice/recommendations on a cheap/small/simple DMX controller for these and my 4 DMX effects?


Thanks again,


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I think they may do master/slave. I'll take another look tomorrow.


I was wrong though. ;)


If anybody needs the settings for the 8 dip switch version this is what they say:


DMX is 8 off & 1 -7 for address.


Auto or music change are all off


Manual is 7&8 on:

1 & 2 do red 00 = 00%, 10 = 25%, 01 = 50%, 11 = 100%

3 & 4 do green as above

5 & 6 do blue as above


Auto fade 7 off 8 on

1 = 2.5 sec, 2 = 5 sec, 3 = 10 sec, 4 = 20 sec, 5 = 40 sec, 6 = 80 sec (these can be added) If 1 - 6 are all off time is 10:30 mins

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