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Controlling smoke from JEM Glaciator


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this is my first post. I am putting on 3 short productions next week and all include some sort of low lying smoke. I have hired a JEM Glaciator from Whitelight for this, but I seem to be having some problems in controlling the smoke around the stage and was wondering if anyone could help.


I have achieved the thick, floor hugging smoke which I want from the machine, but it seems to flow off the end of our 3 foot high stage a little much and so drowns the front row of the audience in thick fog!


Is there any way of controlling this? I do think there is a draft in this direction, and have 2 air conditioning units which I can point towards the stage to try and ward the smoke off!


I am going to mess around tomorrow and try a few different things to see what I can achieve but was wondering if anyone had any good ideas! before I started.


I will post my findings tomorrow.


Thanks In Advance For The Help


J Stroud

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Try talking to White Light about them supplying you with a faster dispersing fog fluid. That way it SHOULD react the same way as the stuff you have now, but will dissipate quicker - thus hopefully before it hits your punters.
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What type of fluid are you using with the machine, there are two types B2 & C3. The fundamental difference between the two is dispersion. The B2 fluid is better suited to not rising when there is a lot of air disturbance (could be people moving on stage or just a bad draft). The C3 is a much heavier effect (sounds like what you might have) but is more disturbed by other air movements. I would recommend you experimenting with both types of fluid to see what works for you best.


One thing to remember when swapping fluid types is that the machine will need to run for a short period before any difference is noticable.


Other than that experiment with machine placement to achieve the best effect, there is no wrong or right place, each venue and setup is different.

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