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Inflatable Penguins


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Right, am a bit dubious as to which category to enter this one on.... :D


However (yes this is genuine :P )


Does anyone know where I can purchase a 8ft high Inflatable (wait for it)......



Yes a Penguin....Inflatable :) :)


It's required a for a sketch being done on stage...and someone decided that it would be a good idea to have a peguin sat on the stage... :D :D


Ideally it's one that can be inflated and then left, rather than one that requires a constant air supply.


It was decided that the best size for impact will be 8ft High however this can be variable.



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Profile says Middleborough. (North-East of England).


Is the 'inflatable' part really necessary, or would just any old 8 foot model penguin do?



Yes unfortunately it is almost essential that said penguin is inflatable.

In response to another question the item is actually needed in Leicester.. and is needed by the end of August.

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All I can suggest is that you troll around some of the Linux newsgroups/forums etc. Perhaps someone has had a large inflatable Tux made up for a trade stand or something.



Yep, there's at least one large inflatable Tux in the world. (Or there was, when this picture was taken in Paris)


See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tux

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Hmmm.... ©


Well, Google gives up the following.....


This one is for a 55cm penguin, as is this one and this one, both on Ebay.


There's also this big boy, at a mere 30 feet high!!


However, this 8 foot one may be more to your needs.....



And for once, I think I may speak for many here, it may NOT be the best idea to post pics of what you've done with it!!!!

:( :(

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