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How do you make powered speakers?


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Hello and welcome,

If you've had a read around the forum, you'll have worked out that sometimes we can come up with really good solutions to peoples questions - but we need to have a good question to work on.


Do you want to make the cabinets, source the drivers and amplifier modules? You mention transformers, but that's not really releated, is it? Most amplifiers have a transformer in them, but are you intending on building the electroncs too. Powered or active speakers have been mentioned a few times recently, and a search of the forum will bring up plenty of ideas for the electronics.


Post again with some questions, that let us know what you are trying to do, and we''ll hopefully be able to help. We have plenty of experience of theatre and events production sound systems between us.




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1x Passive Speaker,

1x Amplifier

1x Roll of Gaffa Tape.


Use Gaffa tape to reduce air interference between speaker and amp...




I'll get my coat




Sorry, that wasn't very serious...


You can find speaker mountable amps at some elctrical suppliers...

Do you already have a speaker that you would like to power???


Would require more details for a detailed answer...



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Or gentlemen (and ladies), are we talking about a 100v line system here?


My first thought was active, but reading the OP again, I'm wondering whether the description is slightly wrong. A "powered speaker" may well be a speaker "supplied with" 100v. Of course we know that's not right, but for someone who maybe doesn't 100v could be seen as a power supply to make the speaker do it's job.


That'd explain the transformer!


In which case; you will indeed need a transformer to prevent the 100vDC from reaching the driver. The 100v is not actually there out of necessity for the speaker being driven, rather it is a far more efficient means to "carry" the audio over a long distance, such as through a shopping centre or around a parade ground. Not the most technically in-depth description available, but fr the time being I hope the OP will be satisfied. Try googling 100v speaker as opposed to what I'm guessing you've googled which is "powered speaker". I assume from that you'll have got lots of sites for Mackie, JBL and a whole host of other manufacturers.


If of course I'm wrong and you do mean a powered speaker cabinet as you'd find with a pub gigging band (sometimes) then my apologies for wasting valuable forum space! Oh, and welcome to the Blue Room!

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I suggest we stop guessing, and wait for the OP to put us right before we expend brain power on guessing - I'd never have thought of the 100V line train of thought......... but you never know.



Let's leave this for now




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