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Riding Boots

the kid

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Once again I am on the hunt for clothes for a show. We have sorted the armour from the last call but we are now looking for size 13 riding boots in black.


I have tired the hunts, Sadalers and RSC. The Main and obvious places, does anyone have or know of anywhere that would have that size.


If it is possible I'm in london this weekend. Or we could come to a postal arangement.





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Your local horse riding school?


They usually have a selection of boots for newcomers to borrow - it's PPE after all - although they will probably be fairly battered!

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Morning all,


We resolved it in the end and used some flat shoes with old style buckles and long socks. So not riding boots at all.


I gave best boots a call and they wanted £199.98 as a deposit and would be paid back when returned. Obviously we couldn't guarantee the return condition as much as we would like to.


They passes me on to some other people who had them for £30 but by the time I had called them there was not time to get the boots or risk them being posted/couriered.


Thanks to all anyways.

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