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Which is better scanner


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Hy folk`s!!!


I have finally bought ROBE 575 xt used items and it look`s great, only job for me is to open it and clean some dust.


Next week I will try it on event, so after that I will tell my opinion.


BY!!! and thnx on advice`s!!!

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Guest JordanHallLD
Yeah just like adam norton said , the pan range on the fixtures are brilliant! I went on a service call with a company and saw 6 martin mx-10s in action running from a showmagic based pc controller -- Had a play about with them and they really are serious bits of kit .. Just quite bulky and weighty! ... Superb lights .. The Clay Paky mini scan is equally just as good - but I am more of a martin scan to be honest-would reccomend the MX10's. You cannout go wrong! :)
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I'm working with 4 MX-10's at this moment and must say, they are some of the best Martin fixtures in the rig. Very bright for 250's and that mirror range is superb. One drawback on them is that with no iris, they produce a very large beam. They are ~ 30' from stage and two of them can easily cover the stage width. But if that is not problem I highly recommend them, as they easily outshine the Mac 550's sitting next to them.


(Just realized how old this post was. That's what happens when your browsing through search results I suppose...)

What fixtures did you decide on and how have they held up over 3 years?



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I also use Robe 575XT scan for about 3 years which I have buy second hand and they work without problem.

One or two time on year we are clean whole unit from dust, change bulb and just work perfect.


Only my wish is to have a bigger output optics, now is 15deg and I wish 17-19deg because I`m using them for near throw(distance about 3-7m).

So if anybody know where I can buy wider optic lens please send me information I would be very grateful.



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