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cleaning perspex

mr techie

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hey guys, anyone know of a substance or chemical that will strip paint from perspex? at the moment im using a jet wash and wall paper scraper but its taking forever and is very dull as I still have 80 pieces to do any ideas gratefull.

oh yes and ive already tried elbow grease :D also tried strippers but they mark the perspex turning it cloudy.



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the paint is a mix of oil and acrilic paints


Oh boy! Firstly my commiserations, unfortunately oil based paints etch themselves into any plastic based substrate. So, in effect your trying to 'shave' off a fine layer of perspex to lose the paint.


The answer is to loosen the grip of the paint from the substrate.


Any solvent based liquid (thinners, turps etc) will remove the paint, but as you've learned it will leave the perspex cloudy, and, if you don't neutralise it (wash it off with a good soapy solution) it will eventually eat it's way through the perspex.


One thing I've found that does work;

A liberal sprinkling of lighter fluid (best brand is the one that rhymes with 'hippo').

Gently spread the fluid around.

Wait a while (a few minutes).

Wipe or jet wash off.

Squirt washing up liquid onto the perspex (preferably an eco-freindly type).

Cover the panel completely with the soapy suds.

Jet wash again thoroughly to neutralise and clean.




Hope this helps.



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Look to car valeting techniques, T-Cut or brasso and a polishing mop. You may have to matt the whole surface first with 800 or 1200 grit wet & dry paper then with 2400 grit, then with T-cut, then with Brasso or micron fine diamond paste on a sylvet cloth.
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I would try a relatively non polar solvent (i.e. avoid acetone (which will cloud the plastic), and avoid halocarbons such as chloroform, which will dissolve the plastic).


Although not so easy to get hold of, di-isobutylketone is absolutely wonderful, but has a very persistent vapour - so is best used outdoors.


The trick of using T cut (we simply used Brasso!) mentioned above is well worth trying once you have the bulk of the paint off.

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If any of the suggestions work can you please let me know. Our roof has several painted out perspex skylights which would let lots of light in- if only they weren't painted.

I would love to clean them but am terrified of using solvents etc in case it burns through.

Thanks John Jones

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Roofs could as likely be polycarbonate. With the WAH responsibilities I would consider having roofing replaced by contractors. but even so buffing with a red round floor buffing pad followed by t-cut or brasso used on a car buffing polisher should work. I don't see several hours buffing as a job for wah from a ladder though.
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