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Thomann's Total Control 5


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Anyone know how they compare to the JBL ones? I quite like the JBL Control 5s.

Is the price too good to be true?





Adam - I've used a few Thomann items (though not their speakers) , and my general experience has been "you get what you pay for". No doubt you do pay a little bit extra for the JBL badge, but at least you know you're buying a quality item. (But at £24 each, it might be worth buying a pair to try out! :unsure: )

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I've got 4 (or maybe 5?) pairs of the Thomann Total Control 1s and a pair of the JBLs. For the money they are excellent value. Are they as good as the JBLs? No. The drive unit is not as good, running out of steam much sooner than the JBLs. But, bolted on the end of a hook clamp with a sensible connector added, they are fine for filling in dead spots.


I'd be very surprised if the experience of the '5' version is any different.

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I've got many pairs of the Behringer 1C's (another hybrid copy) and can say that I found them better than Thomanns own offerings.

A/B with a control 1 and short of a slight crossover point harsh spot they are a darn good match. Cost about £30 a pair.



If you are looking for Control1 copies I'd look at those.



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