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New Mackie speaker has ultrasonic eq

Pete Alcock

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At £239 each (discounted) they'd need to be.


Crikey, for something that only Claims to have a max output of 120dB and goes down to 100Hz. Which brings us on to the second point.


For something that has a frequency response down to 100Hz, is 100Hz (not kHz) the ideal point for the LF eq control?




...I'm sure its a perfectly useable unit and everything.

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Marketing speak never fails to amuse.




We invested tremendous resources optimizing the center frequencies of our 3-band active EQs (couldn't pay a good enough supervisor to label them though). By selecting 100Hz, 2.5kHz and 12kHz, for the Lows, Mids and Highs, respectively, we created an equalization scheme of a highly musical nature (exactly how much music are you planning to put out of a 5.25" driver). And SRM150's EQ bands work very independently of each other, allowing you to cut or boost a specific band without affecting the others (it's a bloody 3-band EQ, I'd hope the bass pot doesn't overlap the treble). With up to 15dB boost/cut capability per band, the onboard active EQ provides more tone-sculpting latitude and feedback control (so my 31-band and parametric can go in the bin eh) than you'll find in any other product in its class.


Presumably they're trying to sell them on the back of the SRM450's popularity...for small vocal reinforcement I guess they'd do a good enough job...




To be fair they're marketing them as compact speakers for small things like trade booths...supposedly it can be easily mounted on a mic stand? Presumably their custom reinforced one.

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