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Outdoor PA

Ben Lawrance

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Hi All,


Just been given the task of supplying a PA to the local school for their annual fundraiser.


The pic below is a plan of the school site (To scale, but I don't know the scale yet) The blue line (thanks to MS Paint) indicates where sound needs to be heard. The pink line indicates where the sound is most important, were most people will be. The sound in the pink needs to co-hearant, and be able to cover the area well, which will include about 500 in it.


The other blue area is not so important. As long as you can hear the announcments etc, I'm not too bothered. So hearing things off axis is not a problem.


The control position will be where the red box is. The area where the control is, is on a hill so getting it up above people's heads shouldn't be a problem for the main area.


What I am after from you you lot is advice on how you would start to go about a job like this.






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Looks like a job for quite a few 100V line re-entrant horns. You may wish to place some standard loudspeakers in the more important area, or simply use some low frequency cabinets to provide some bottom end when music is playing.



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I concur with Simon, use a 100v line system with paging horns to cover the blue area, trying to much else isn't particularly practical, especially knowing how schools are with budgets. I've done a quick and dirty "in paint" addition, but using 4 stacks of Martin W8 or similar, a single speaker on a stick and 5 or 6 paging horns... I've drawn rough coverage on and tried to keep speakers mounted on buildings for the horns. You need to be careful with the cable runs too, especially over long distances.







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You might want to give Dave Middleton of Sorted Technical Servces a call 07905 971184 - he has loads of 100v line kit and a purpose built control box - this coupled with some conventional stuff for the main arena could just do the job
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I agree this is a combo of Horns on poles and some pro speakers (either stacks or distriubuted on stands). You could give WE Audio a call. They have massive stocks of 100V line stock (and experience of stringing 8-10Km of cables and horns around the Navy base in Portsmouth), a mobile control/commentary unit, plus plenty of top-notch pro-audio stock (Turbosound/Midas/XTA etc). Give Wayne a call on 01608 737226.


Hope that helps

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