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We're currently compiling a list of our wishes for our technical department, which varies from things we really need, to things we'd 'like' to have!


What would you put on your wish list?




(Sorry if this is a repetitive thread- I did search first, before you comment!! :yahoo: )

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I wonder if you have not had any replies because this is such a wide question.


If people knew a bit more about your theatre and your budget they would at least have some where to start.


I guess you are small scale receiving, but I could be completely wrong, and are you closing for a multi-million pound referb or have you got a few grand left at the end of the year?


I'm fortunate to work in a building which I was consulted about before it was built and equipped so any problems in my department are my fault. The one thing I would not be with out is the Bernina 1008 but this may not be relevant to your situation.

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I read her post as wanting to know what other people were asking for, not help with hers.


My department has an additional 36 Source Four 750 ERS and 36 additional dimmer modules for our new 96 rack (with 36 modules budgeted out...).


As for a wishlist, I want an ETC Eos.



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when we equipped the new theatre some of the things we couldn't afford were (in no particular order of preference):


new mic stock to supplement our basic SM57 / C391 kit we already had.

a couple of hand-held radio mics to supplement the lav kit we already have.

high-end video camera and tripod / trolley (we could only afford a domestic model)

portable projection screens (we didn't realise at the time how much use we'd get out of a fastfold screen)

house tabs - we rarely use them ourselves as we're usually in thrust stage set up, but have been asked for a frontcloth/act-drop by visitors a couple of times, and it would be nice to have pretty ones rather than just our black serge half-tabs.

scrollers - to fit source 4s and 1K and 2K fresnels.

more 2K fresnels and PCs - would have liked 10 of each, could only afford 6.

more dimmer modules. We have enough to do most shows (about 200 ways in the large theatre), but have to patch to outlets by swapping modules around the racks, so would prefer to do less of this and reduce potential wear-and-tear.

an Isora as well as a cloth cyc.

we bought two data projectors - would have liked a bit more money to upgrade to ones with changeable lenses - we could have afforded one at this level, but decided 2 more basic ones would be better for our then situation - this was the right decision at the time)

Air conditioning. we had some infrastructure installed, but held back on the hardware (chiller unit) as our budget was really tight. Then we had last summer, so we need to spend twice as much now.... the silver lining for every cloud is that the original spec only included certain areas of the building, and experience has shown us we need to extend the air conditioning into other areas, so holding back on the whole thing has hopefully meant we will be able to do that.

a bigger office.

little induction loop adapters to go with the sennheisser infra red hearing assistance (we only bought stethescopes. recommendation to Theatre Consultants - include some of these in the pre-tender specifications.



some of these omissions are being remedied as we go along by finding bits of budget here and there - nothing (apart from the aircon perhaps) has made life so difficult we couldn't cope one way or another.


Oh and luckily W/robe could afford his Bernina)

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5x Zero Betapack 2's. Our very old (30+ year) furse board is slowly dieing and I would like the school to upgrade to DMX in the main hall so that we can use are better board that is in the dance studio where no productions are put on. If anybody has a spare £2,000 it would be helpful. ;)
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5x Zero Betapack 2's.


We have four at our school :D



All of our 13A sockets in the roof replaced with 15A, so they are wired correctly and we don't get "internal pairing" and 4 32A trips to replace the 4 20A trips we have at the moment. And if anyone is offering, then we wont say no to a new desk. Pearl 2008 maybe, although will settle for an ETC Express.


And some new lights wouldn't go amiss as well. As well as another amp to power our sub woofer (the amp we have is used to power the FOH speakers).


I suppose maybe a couple of MAC 250's as well although I will accept MAC 2k's (Although an express isn't prqactical with these :()




So if anyone feels like spending about £20,000 at least on the above then PM me :D


(This person will also get free cups of tea if they feel like fitting it all too :P)


EDIT: Spelling

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We've got quite a bit of kit which is nearing the end of its life, so we're actually working on this at the moment. Here's some bits, in no particular order:


10x Martin Mac250 Krypton

4x Robe 170 moving head

10x Martin Mania EF3

1x Martin Atomic3000 strobe

4x Pulsar Jumbo Strobes


Denon DN4500 dual CD player

Allen & Heath Xone:92 DJ mixer

BSS Soundweb London BLU-80

BSS Soundweb London BLU-32

4x EV Sx300 speakers for DJ monitoring

4x RCF Acustica C3110 speaker

AKG C451 condensor mic

Shure MX412/S lecturn mic

2x Shure SM58 vocal mic

2x Crown PCC160 boundary mic

Sennheiser EW336G2 radio mic

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Oh where to start.


As a PA and Lighting Hire company, my wish list could stop at where you expect this topic to end. Yeah 48x Mac 2000's sound nice, with a Grand MA, or a MAC XYZ controlling them, or a 100Kw JBL Vertec Flown Rig, Do I have customers that may want to use this? NO. - But I would still like to have it anyway.


I think the real question here is " If you had a few extra quid to spend, how would you do it wisely?"


Aaaaaaaaah, this is a different matter. quite simply I'd address the weakest link in the chain, which is: need more comp/limiters, need more mic's, need more mic stands (for said mic's), need more return channels on the Multicore.......



Edited to add the 'NERD'


Sort of sounds boring when reality kicks in. :D :D :(

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I am just curious about what people would ask for, if funds were suddenly available......


It's not to help me particularly.


Sorry, I misunderstood. Still it appears to have kickstarted some posting.


Oh and luckily W/robe could afford his Bernina)


I got other larger and more expensive toys too (the suction ironing board for instance) but the Bernina 1008 would always be top of my list

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