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Stopping Lav mics getting mangled


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Well, we hire out lots of Sennheiser Evo radio kits and would agree with the 'longevity' issues with the ME-2 capsules. We decided right from the start to fit better capsules and supply the MKE-2 capsules as standard. The wire on these is fairly indestructable, although it does tend to have a bit of a memory if squashed up for a while in an actors back pocket!. The front gauze is also removeable to cope with the sweat/makeup problems.


Obviously the additional expense of these capsules is generally only justifyable for hire companies and pro-theatre groups.


The other thing we do is charge for damages. This is clearly stated on our hire agreements. We also have some quick 'advice' cards for the hirer that mentions some of the 'DON'Ts'. In general, this minimises damage on return.



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Well, we ordered up one of the CPC cheapy mics and I got round to doing a comparison between them today. I set up two Evolution systems, one with an ME2 (the mic that comes with the system) and the other with the CPC mic.


Both mics seem to put out more or less the same signal level - the AF bargraph on the receivers reads the same, as does the meter on the desk. I didn't notice any real difference in volume.


In terms of sound quality, the ME2 seems to be slightly crisper around 2-4kHz and there's maybe a bit more "air" to the sound. It also picks up more LF. This would actually be a drawback for speech, but might be useful for singers.


The CPC mic sounds pretty acceptable in comparison - not brilliant, but good enough, especially for budget-concious am-dram.


One thing I dislike about the CPC mic is the clip, which feels rather flimsy. But given that the entire mic costs less than a replacement clip for an ME2, it seems unfair to gripe about it. :headsetsmiley:


So what we'll probably do is offer the cheaper mics for productions where they're likely to get abused. Haven't had the chance to try out the durability yet but to be honest, if they only last one hire, we're still ahead of the current cost of replacement ME2s.

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