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Smashing a Vase


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I Wondered if anyone can help. I am doing a festival play and the clear away time is 5 mins. An actress has to smash a vase with a mallet. I am thinking that she could place it in a bowl that is already on a table and smash it in there. If anyone has any ideas I would be really grateful. What is the cheapest way of getting the vase, as there is rehearsal practice as well.


Thank you in advance


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if its on a table you could put a very little rim around it and then just buty lot of vases cheap then the bits would stay on the table.
No they wouldn't.


The bits from smashing things never stay where they are supposed to be, so you must ensure that the 'bits' are not going to consitute an excessive risk - and it would be nice if they could be easy to clean up.

The OP is aware of this, and is asking for suggestions that might help them acheive it.


If budget allows, Breakaway FX are good - but they are not cheap, especially for a long run.


A pre-broken plastic vase held together by some form of weak glue might be a possibility, although you lose the sound effect.

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The OP doesn't say if it's a glass or porcelain vase.

When breaking pottery, after you've avoided being hit by the flying bits, it's the glaze that poses a cutting risk. Using un-glazed pottery, which you can buy fairly cheaply and then painting it is one solution.

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