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Right... I'm producing a show for a friend at the end of January, and it involves not only onstage blood effects (groan, sigh etc) but also onstage vomit...


There are 3 instances of the vomiting, and my thinking so far has reached this stage:


Only once does someone say a line and then throw up at the end of it, so for the other two they can hold the "vomit" in their mouths for a while. (the other one is harder, but could be tweaked so he can "fill up")


If the actors are to hold vomit in their mouths, then it should be nice(ish) tasting - else we run the risk of real vomit, which is obviously less predicatable/controllable.


The only vaguely decent idea I have had (though it remains untested) is some form of lumpy (or indeed extra chunky - with added chunks) chicken/vegetable soup watered down some - and to have the actors "drink" some from some sort of opaque goblet type glass onstage soon before they have to spew it out again.


Any other ideas for recipes (ideally washable - the headaches I'm having with blood!) would be greatly appreciated. We are also working (or trying to work) on a very tight budget.


Incidentally, the venue is a tiny studio space so the closest audience will be about 3m away - if that - so it's gotta look good!!





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When it comes to vomit, it's usually the case of an actor holding it in their mouths for a short while and having no real lines to say so the effect can happen. I wouldn't water the soup down any more, then you would want to gag on it!

One show we did involved a small soap dish attatched to the back of a sofa, the actor said his lines and as he went to be sick, he went to be sick at the back of the couch where he quickly smeared some form of soup on his face. After the absurd sounds of being sick he'd turn to the audience quickly, with soup spraying from his face. It was a good effect at the time.

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In a previous millenium I was involved with casualty simulation for First Aid training. We used Arrowroot biscuits, well masticated. Rich Tea or anything similar would do just as well. In your application, the chewing would have to be done before going on!
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