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Just wanting to know how well products like vectorworks, WYSIWYG, ESP and others are being to use when pitching for work / projects ect...



To get started here are 3 of mine..


Created in Vectorworks 11. Moving lights from Soft symbols and rendered out throught higest quality renderworks..









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Here are 3 designs I did whilst playing with Capture. Great little app and cant wait to have enough cash to purchase.


These were done in less than an hour to learn the software, so please don't expect amazing things.







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Hi. Here one of our projects. It is made in program LightConverse.

All screenshots are made in real time (actually visualising an active rig).


Here a screenshot with the FRAPS counter, showing speed of visualising (26 fps) on the screen 1280*1024:



Some 12mpix screenshots:

printscreen1_12mpix.jpg -749Kb

printscreen2_12mpix.jpg -573Kb

printscreen3_12mpix.jpg -406Kb

printscreen4_12mpix.jpg -734Kb

Time of 12mpix picture rendering is approximately 4s.



specification.pdf -38Kb

front_plot.pdf -8.7Mb

top_plot.pdf -8.2Mb








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I'm not convinced the chains you've rigged those trusses & speakers with are suitable either - look suspiciously like long link chain in the hi-res render... :)


Nice looking imagery though. Can the software function without the DMX widget in any way (ie save disabled etc) or is it impossible to trial without shelling out for the whole package?

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I must say all the above are very impressive. Methinks time for me to start learning renderworks skills.


In the mean time This link is fantastic for those can't afford wyswyg and all :)



and click the start a show at the top right of the screen



This is meant as light hearted humour and not to take away from theexcellent images produced already

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It's worth bearing in mind that there can be a considerable difference in the available software between the rendering an image of a lighting rig (as above), and actually visualising an active rig (with lights fading, moving lights moving, etc).


If you're visualising, you need as high a quality 3D graphics card as you can get your hands on!

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The Lightconverse pics are running visualisation, the videos on their website are quite impressive for real time rendering.


Not sure about the Wysiwyg` pics?


No cost modelling and rendering, :


Modelled in Google Sketchup, very powerful very easy to learn ,free version not licensed for commercial use and will import but won`t export DXF/DWG




Rendered with Kerkythea, freeware ray tracing renderer, using a plug in for Sketchup called SU2KT from Kerkythea forums, makes rendering very easy.Took about a minute to render this.






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what would be really interesting is pictures of renders and then pictures of the actual final real look..



As you asked...

Wyg Render




The Show







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Wow andy those renders are amazing!


Was that a model import or did you use a photo for the girl on the stage?



These were my first atempts with Martin Show Designer, only a 1ghz machine with a 32mb graphics card!






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