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The "Something" button.


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Well obviously, but mistakes do happen from time to time and you forget to put one number on a plan amongst 200 odd..... We're only human after all, this is just a comical solution!
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Or you rig a lantern after the rig has gone out.

Or the cassie who rigged that one isn't sure which channel it went in.

Or you just plugged it into a handy bit of TRs that was nearby and there it was.

Or you're in the process of drawing said plan.


Or whatever!

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From memory this is (as I don't have a 500 series handy...)


Key the start channel number

Press & hold the BUMP key

Use SHIFT+NEXT / SHIFT+LAST to zap through the channels.


...you'll quickly find the one you want. Even easier if you set the BUMP MODE (use "V" on a 300 series keyboard) to SOLO.


I *think*



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