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Wanted: Someone to show us lot around


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Hello all.


We had our beginning of the year tech meeting today, and came up with the concept of getting out of the place for a little while and going and seeing other folks venues - preferably of a similar kind of size so we can compare notes etc. So:


Is there any kind tech types out there who are willing to show a small group (3 probably) of our crew around your venue one day in January or February? It'll need to be London - south London for preference and it'll probably have to be early in the week for obvious reasons. Venues from 100-400 seats would suit us (so smallish).


In return you'll get: my undying gratitude (for what that's worth) a reciprocal tour of our little kingdom (should you wish it) and we might even get you a pint if you're nice. Or something.


Answers on a postcard to: I Want Bryson To Be Nosey In My Venue: PO Box 999: Croydon by the Sea. Or more realistically: bryson430@hotmail.com



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