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Biema speakers


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I don't wanna make fun of them cus maybe I will finally add some subs to my Nexo gig. Sorry I'm poor ;)



I've been in that situation of adding something seemed better than adding nothing. Often, it was a futile exercise.


In this case, trying to add subs with a different loading, sensitivity, headroom and sonic signature may well detract from what you have now. Is it viable for you to hire in extra bins as necessary?



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The specs for the line array dont look promising do they. Although I'd question their comparison to 2 Eon's as line arrays are a completely different system, setup and principle, so a clear comparison like that I would think would be quite difficult to draw.


If that's the case then let's compare it this way:


Thailand's IMPACT ARENA:


NEXO GEO D x 12 cabinets per side and 12 Subwoofers per side can achieve 110db at all areas and levels while for Biema u need : 32 cabinets per side and 24 Subwoofers to achieve 110db in all areas and levels as shown during the past years for the local budget gigs.


for 32 cabs..I heard they used 4 x 1T hoists to lift the thing because one cabinets weighs like 50kg each?


and the wiring and speaker frame is a mess

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