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Moving heads to rent out


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I would probably suggest, unless you have the hire business for these units or any other make, you don't buy any. The market is flooded with MACs etc.
Does that include he Mac 2000's, or just the 250's


It relates to all moving lights to be honest. A lot of smaller players now own them ( or a cheaper cousin). The reason it's flooded also effects the hire price. Ok, so £120.00 a week for a MAC 2000 sounds like a lot, but considering its list price its an absolute bargain, consider again, the larger shows will not pay anywhere near list so the return takes much longer. So I'll say again, unless this buyer already has a market for kit, and can get his money back inside 18 months without question then go for it. If not, put the money in to a building society as he'll earn more cash that way ;)) That, or lease the kit over five years and make them work like crazy.

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