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martin robocolour iii


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Hi there, I’m thinking of getting some s/h martin robocolour 111 and cant find out how many DMX channels they use can anyone out there help please,

And also a while ago I was asking about showtec rgb par 64 cans well eventually after a search, I bought four, and I can honestly say they are brilliant, they have replaced all my par 56 cans, and heavy analogue dimmers. They are brighter than the par 56s,the colours are very sharp and the mix of colours are infinite, I was concerned about the noise factor with the fans being inside the unit but they are very quiet and are no more noisy than my mini macs you can not hear them during a performance. I am really surprised that these are not more widely used in the industry, where colour washes are needed but from less units than is standard

There you have it just my opinion for what it is worth,

Dave Marriott!!




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The manufactuers website is your friend! Always the best place to look first really.


They can run in either 5 or 6 channel mode depending on if you want a speed channel or not, in 6 channel mode channels are as follows:-


CH 1 - Strobe/Shutter

CH 2- Head 1 Colour

CH 3 - Head 2 Colour

CH 4 - Head 3 Colour

CH 5 - Head 4 Colour

CH 6 - Colour Speed


There are also quite a few different in-built programs that you can use if you don't want to have a controller.


Manual can be downloaded from here.

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They're rubbish, don't bother. The light output is poor, no dimmer, expensive lamps (about 60 quid a go), noisy, they spill loads, etc etc.


They're ok for colour changing effects in discos, but that's about it. The Pro 400 models are ok, but much more expensive.

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