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Robbie Williams

Ben Lawrance

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I went to see Robbie at the MK Bowl last night. What a show it was.


They had 2 main line array hangs either side of the set, with various delay hangs all over the place.


I was stood at the back of the inner circle, next to front of house. The whole sound was great. I've never had sub rumble through me from that distance.


Any one know what boxes where being used?


Thumbs up to the noise boys!

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L'Acoustics V-Dosc and dV-Dosc.


Brit row special. They purchased 13 Dolby Lake processors to tame the beast of a system.


I saw the show in Leeds as you may or may not be aware, and that was special, as it was on TV they had loads of super delay towers flooded with atomics with atomic colours and hundreds of pars.

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A couple of snapshots from the Leeds show:


Tower #1 (of 8) with one par truss in place, but second one, video and spot platforms have yet to go in. (Towers 2 through 6 were delay towers, 1 and 8 didn't have any PA on them, 8 was video only and a very modest little structure by Stageco standards)



The stage pretty much complete, with flown lighting, PA, video and scrims in place.

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The lighting list is insane! below is the normal list, not including all the extra stuff for the leeds gig!



122 x Martin Atomic 3000 strobes w/ Atomic Colors scrollers (Custom Colors)

88 x Martin MAC 2000 Wash (Fresnel Lens)

16 x B52 Syncrolites (c/w Custom Scrollers on both Scrolls)(Top of Tusks + PA Sides)

8 x 2.5k Nova Lites(Floor PA Wings)

42 x VL3000 Spots (c/w Custom Gobos)(6xBack Truss Rest on Olite Frames + 2 x Floor Bunkers

8 x Coemar Supercycs (Floor PA Wings)

28 x VL5a’s (12 Row Lenses) (Inside Scorpions)

16 x VL2000 washes (Floor Std Colours)(Under B Stage)

6 x DMX Dominators c/w DMX Dimmer Shutters (Floor PA Wings)

6 x Hungaro Flashes 85k. (Top of Tusks)

18 x 8lite DWE Moles c/w Wybron Scrollers (16 Frames custom Scrolls) (Behind Set Gauze offstage)

8 x 18k Gargantrams c/w Custom Scrollers(Back lighting Olite Panels)

24 x Thomas Pixel Pars (Toners on the Onstage Tusks)

80 x Color Blocs (46 x Downlighting Scorpion Gauzes 30 x Downlighting PA Header Truss Scrim)

129 x Color Blasts (12 x 12way Controllers) 32 x Under DS Grill, 43 x Around Back Grill, 14 x DS Front of Stage, 16 x US front of the Bunker 24x Dotted Around Band)

1 x Virtuoso EX1

1 x Virtuoso + 1 x Spare

10 x NIF’s + 10 Nodes

299 x 1k Dimmers for Practical Lights in Set (274 Floods + 24xPars Gondela)

8 x 8’ Mini Beam (back Truss)

10 x 8’ Atype Truss (Vertical Moles Sides)

2 x 3m A type Truss (PA Headers)

4 x 2.5m Type Truss (PA Headers)

6 x Starklite Followspots (2 x Longthrow + 4 x Med Throw)

6 x 3k Gladiator Followspots

All Mains Distro – System Runs from 6 x 400a Supplies (3 x SR + 3 x SL)

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In reply to Bryson:


Its a good look isn't it, I was impressed too. :stagecrew:

I didn't have anything to do with the stage, unfortunately, I was just there hanging stuff on the delay towers.


Apart from the 'tusks', its actually a pretty standard Stageco structure. I'm told that, because the towers have very little to interconnect them at the top (like a roof, etc.), its much more tolerant of errors in marking out than usual and apart from six tricky lifts to get the big yellow tusks on its a very straightforward build. The Stageco crew have been having a much easier life than they're used to on this tour, a very welcome change of pace for them I should think.


Here's another snapshot from a bit earlier in the day:


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Are we allowed to refer to "acres of cleavage" with respect to technical descriptions of projection systems?

Don't know, but its probably ok to point out that it was all LED, rather than projection. (Albeit off-topic in the sound forum - shouldn't you be looking at the V-Dosc? :P)


The videots were using the same few minutes of footage for several hours while they were working on the screens, I suppose it must just have been their favourite bit of the show for some reason...


Perhaps they just like spacehoppers:


Ok, its really OT now, I'll get me coat. ^_^

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Just a video funny; when Robbie came to NZ on the last tour (which he's not this time - grrr) every last bit of hireable Barco LED wall in NZ was in use on the show, including filching a quarter of the stadium's installed video wall...
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