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CO2 Jet

Guest TangFX

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Hi ,

I have to use a CO2 jet in 2 weeks but

I'm a beginner with it .

There is two type of CO2 Tank :

CO2 TP Tank (Liquid)

CO2 (Gaz)

Co2 TP is used with CO2 jet but is there no danger if somebody go through the fog ?

Is there no liquid particle in the cloud of fog ?


Because the system is only high pressure hose and solenoid valve ...

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You will have to answer the question about any danger of anyone going through the fog as you are supplying the fog so you need to supervise its use. If you look on the ESTA site you will find guidelines on the safe use of fog and smoke. in general CO2 displaces oxygen so can be hazardous to people if it displaces too much oxygen. http://www.esta.org/tsp/safety/docs/foginf...bon_Dioxide.pdf


The liquid CO2 has a tube that goes to the bottom of the tank so the gas at the top of the tank can force the liquid out of the tube that is feeding from the bottom.


There will be liquid particles in the fog, close to the nozzle, which is why you need to supervise its use.


The CO2 gas feeds from the top of the tank so it is only gas, the liquid stays in the bottom of the tank and changes to gas to keep the top of the tank filled with gas. If the tank is not upright, there is a risk of liquid CO2 leaving the tank instead of gas.

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The COjet is basically a CO2 fire extinguisher with a remote control moving head. It is extremely noisy, and this in itself may limit the amount of time for which you use it. It also uses a very large amount of liquid CO2 - the large cylinders don't last very long.


At any reasonable distance from the nozzle the risk of contact with liquid is small; you will want to keep people a fair distance away anyway as close up will ruin the effect and there a possibility of local freeze burns.


These units are often mounted overhead well above head height firing downwards, which is probably the best place for them IMO. We tried them on top of a rostrum a year or so ago and they didn't really work well.


The Effects Company, who make them, also make a CO2 level monitoring systems which can link into the Cojet controller and automatically shut the system off if local levels rise to much - sensors would be installed in, for example, the orchestra pit and other places where the gas is likely to collect.


You could do a lot worse than talk to Martin Blake, at The Effects Company, who designed this unit, if you need more advice.

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DJ Evan Halls

out of stuff you might find at your local DIY shed.


Had I done this, I certainly wouldn't be putting the business end between my legs!!!!!



Why the sudden necromancy??


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J'know, I have no idea. I hadn't noticed this was an antique thread.


I tend to read the BR using view new content, so for some reason, this thread must have appeared. Which seems really odd. I know a thing or three about computery stuff, and one thread deciding to pop it's head up a half a dozen years later is not an expected behaviour.



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Why the sudden resurrection from 6 years ago?

Have you even read posts 7 - 9 in this topic, directly above yours? <_<


I Just looked at this thread again, and I vaguely remembering those two posts not existing when I clicked add post.... (I was only 10 mins after the two posts in question, and have a habit of leaving tabs open for ages)

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