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Le Maitre pyro display


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does any one know at plasa do lemaitre do a pyro display and if they do what day is it on?

They've usually got demo's scheduled every day - haven't got my programme yet, but expect them to follow suit this year - upstairs, by the way - away from the main stands!!


Check if you wish by e-mailing them at info@lemaitreltd.com, or PM Mark LeMaitre, a regular BR contributor.



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Yes, I will be doing it again this year, but I must confess to running out of things to say!!, So this might be my last year!!


I will be doing a spectacular to music again this year, I did not realise it would be so popular last year and did not make that much of an effort!!


This year, it is about 160 pieces of Pyro in just under 2 mins (if ec let me!!).


I can make the times up as I wish, but was tihinking of doing Sun 12, 2, 4 Mon-wed 11, 1, 3, 5.

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Hi Mark, only two shows a day..


'The demos are scheduled for 12pm, 2pm and 4pm on Sunday, and at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.'


That came from: Laurent Lemire, Marketing & PR Manager. in an email today that I sent on the 27th.


Just thought I'd get some clarification, seeing as this is something that quite a few BR members are interested in. I know you mentioned these times before and then you posted a list of revised times, could it be that Laurent Lemire is working off old information? Obviously I'm inclined to believe you, seeing as your the man running the demos ;)



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I am only doing 2 - I only have enough pyro for 2!! they will be at 12 and 3. Laurent does know this, I will have words with him today! ;)
Good stuff, just thought id check in case anyone else had received similar info!


Well if you are a bit short of pyro I know this company called Le Maitre that may be able to help you out !!
I Second that! :P



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